Why us


Why us?

ACVATOT’s sucess is based on responsibility. We encourage sustainable and profitable development, respect towards the environment, our clients, our suppliers and our team. We pay special attention to risk prevention and health and safety measures. We have reliable partners with whom we share common beliefs.

Sustainable development

We believe in sustainable development and in continuous improvement of our work.

To be responsible represents the key priority for ACVATOT, an asset that allows us to offer our clients alternative solutions which not only allow us to deal with existing problems, but also anticipate further needs.
Within ACVATOT, proposing customized and turnkey solutions means combining the capacity to listen to our client’s needs and the proven expertise in the field, with the ability to adapt to special conditions of a site.

Certifying the integrated quality-environment-health and safety management system is evidence that ACVATOT is a responsible partner. To this triple certification, we add our commitment to social responsibility.

Adapted resources

Our most valuable resource is our team. We believe in its creative potential for changing ideas into outcomes. When these ideas are accompanied by solid techniques and managerial skills, success is guaranteed. We have a permanent preoccupation to train our staff in using the newest techniques and technologies.
ACVATOT uses its own fleet of machinery and equipment to carry out the contracted works. Because technological upgrade is part of our sustainable development strategy, besides the traditional techniques, we are able to offer special environmental friendly equipment and technologies such as: directional and horizontal drilling and pipe-jacking machines, multifunctional robots, hydro-cleaning machines, video inspection equipment.

Solid partnership

Our customers are our most important partners, because our main purpose is to meet their needs.
Our partners are also our competitors. As competition is the source of progress, we strive for self-improvement and we admire those in our guild that is progressing with us. Over the decades, since we are on the construction market, solid partnerships have been created, even if we sometimes want to win the same contract.
By sharing the values of the group we are part of, in terms of quality, responsibility and sustainable development, we focus on customer satisfaction. Due to our specialized staff and adapted equipments, our company can respond to all types of requests, both for private clients as municipalities and industrial customers.