Solutions and techniques


Solutions and techniques

In the context of a dense urban environment with important topographic compulsions, the transport and the fluid’s distribution impose the use of special techniques for pipes installation: meaning trenchless techniques or techniques for fast execution of the trench.ACVATOT specialists analyze the projects in their entirety and propose to the beneficiary the solutions that meet the following conditions:
• security in execution and exploitation;
• quality;
• minimum costs;
• rapid execution.

Horizontal drilling and directional drilling

Techniques without trenches by excellence, the horizontal and directional drilling allow the passing under certain obstacles (highways, rivers, railways) and the protection of soil and footers.This solution is proposed by ACVATOT in order to rout various water pipelines, sewerage networks, gas or optical fiber whose diameter is between 25 and 630 mm.

Pipe jacking

Pipe jacking is one of the solutions proposed by ACVATOT for the construction of underground networks without trenches. This technique is applicable both in the water and sewerage networks, but also in the energy and the telecommunications sector. The diameters that can be executed vary between 500 and 2500 mm, without any real limited length since several drafts can be chained, straight or curved, with or without a downhill. The head of the micro tunnel is adapted to each case, depending on the nature of the soil. The cut resulted from the drilling is brought to the surface by hydraulic strapping and treated on the spot. The guidance system may be laser or gyroscopically made. The micro tunnel’s assembly-line advances by pushing. The sewerage elements generally have a length of 3 meters.

Mechanized groundwork

The excavation made using machines allow an advancement performance for the advancement of the works.And when the execution time is short, and the land allows the intervention of such equipment, ACVATOT intervenes with a trencher.With a pace that can reach 1000 meters per day, this machine represents an alternative to the classic groundwork machine.