Rehabilitation and extension of water supply pipelines, distribution networks and sewerage networks in Deva and Simeria – Beneficiary Apa Prod Deva

Works description:
Water supply
– pipeline L = 118 m pipes 500 mm in diameter.
– distribution networks, L = 16,5 km plus water connections, hydrants.
– implementation of SCADA system in the water distribution network in Deva and Simeria
Sewerage networks
– seweragw network L = 22,6 km, plus sub-crossings, consumers connection, drains.
– collector Hunedoara – Santuhalm with diameter 1000 mm, by pipe-jacking technology
– rail way sub-crossing with GRP pipe with diameter 2500 mm, by pipe-jacking technology
– execution of 6 WWPSs
– implementation of SCADA in the sewage system automation of waste water pumping stations.


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