4 reasons to join ACVATOT

We like diversity

When we speak about diversity, is not just about diversity of professions that you can find within our company, it’s also about people diversity! We believe that the added value at our company results from the uniqueness of every person, from the variety of ideas and opinions, from the maturity and the youth of every member of our team.

With so many assets it’s easy to turn ideas into achievements.

We encourage mobility

We believe that evolution it’s about experiencing new things. This is the reason why we encourage professional and geographic mobility. And because we have works across the country, it is very likely that at some point we will propose you an site away from home. More than that, being part of an international group we have the possibility to create mobility opportunities at an international level.

We develop people

We value and we cultivate people’s potential. Professional development and adaptability are essential for the evolution of each team member. Due to our training policy, we ensure that each team member constantly improve professional skills.

We invest in health and safety policies

Our major objectiv in terms of safety policy is zero accidents. We invest in individual and collective protection equipment. We invest to train our teams. We frequently organize training sessions regarding the health and the safety at work. We treat with maximum seriousness the prevention and the analysis of risks.